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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making a Connection

The kids do this funny thing at school called "making a connection." Instead of the whole class screaming "ME TOO" or "I HAVE THAT" the kids make a silent sign that looks a lot like a surfer's "hang loose." Luke does this all the time at meals. It's fun to try and guess the connection.

Over the weekend I took the kids Christmas shopping. Each year I organize friends and family and we adopt a Breathing Room Family. The Breathing Room is a local charity that helps families with a loved one going through cancer treatment. Not only is it hard for people to shop when they don't feel well, but also families struggle with heavy financial burdens.

We were shopping for boys ages 8 and 5. The kids LOVE to do the shopping and we were plowing our way through Five Below when Grace announced her sugar was low. The store was mobbed so I said let's take a break and head back to the car to do the check. Grace was INSISTENT this would not interrupt our shopping so we set up by the giant ball bins. She dribbled a basketball while I did the check. People shoot you the weirdest looks in public when they spot you doing a check. Admittedly, it is kind of a process: opening the kit, swabbing Grace's finger, getting the meter ready, lancet ready, sticking, bleeding, etc. Two moms gave me the "WTH" look and I shot them an icy stare. I know they don't know what's going on but seriously-mind your business. We always emphasize with Grace there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

After Five Below we went to Costco. I got the kids some food and realized I had forgotten napkins. I told Grace to check her sugar and I'd be back. When I returned Luke said in a whisper, "That lady over there was checking her sugar and she has a pen needle like Grace's." I looked up to see who he was pointing to and there was this little old lady who looked me in the eye and gave me a wave. I felt like we were in a secret club. We didn't talk but the smiles we exchanged were enough. We had made a connection.

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